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Good game, but not what I come to know

I liked Bloons 3 alot better. I didn't think the graphics were an upgrade, I preferred the ones in 3. More towers were nice and I got used to the upgrade system, but it just wasn't as good play-ability wise as Bloons TD3.

Also the Mochicoins also brings the overall score down.

Warnockworld responds:

Luckily most people disagree with you, including me.

Actually, I play monopoly for free

Not a bad game after playing for a bit.

BTW to the guy below me: I can play monopoly online for free and just about ever other board game online for free.

Good game

Good game, my only complaint is that its height is still a little too high

Game won't fit on screen

Would have given it higher but its hard to really enjoy it if the game's width is greater than my LCD.

Easily one of the best

This is one of the best flash games I've played and its all free. Didn't have to pay for "extra" features.

Error in flash script

I couldn't play it and I have the latest version of flash, makes my internet cache go crazy and it says there's an error in the flash script.

Were's the save option?

Where's the save option. SHouldn't there be an auto-save for a game like this?

Needs to be fixed

Emm, I guess since its sort of a TD it has to at least get a 2/5 for ratings?

Nothing in this game really works though. There is only one tower and no upgrade options. The bullets do not hit the creeps most of the time.

Great game

Reminds me of tempest on windows, but better. Great game.

Not bad for a first game

Decent for a first game, but you have to work on the balance. Its far too hectic at the beginning for me to play long.

ilyajedi responds:

The game is hard, but if i made it easy the game would be not interesting!

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