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Good game but

I enjoyed the dynamics of this game a lot and thought it was well developed for a 9/10. However:

-3 for having like half the guy locked where I actuallly have to buy it to play. So 6/10, 3/5.

dirodiro responds:

Archbob, thanks for the review.
I totally understand your worries about microtransactions. But in order to commit to games full time and create better and bigger projects ads are not enough anymore. We want to make BIG free to play games, and to do that we need to sell extra content that players can buy to support us. Ads are not enough!
We'll be working hard on this big project we have in mind and it will be free, with extra content for supporters. This is the only way Flash can get longer, more polished and better games.
I recommend reading the famous Flash Love Letter. It's pretty amazing.


Good game, but not what I come to know

I liked Bloons 3 alot better. I didn't think the graphics were an upgrade, I preferred the ones in 3. More towers were nice and I got used to the upgrade system, but it just wasn't as good play-ability wise as Bloons TD3.

Also the Mochicoins also brings the overall score down.

Warnockworld responds:

Luckily most people disagree with you, including me.

Not bad for a first game

Decent for a first game, but you have to work on the balance. Its far too hectic at the beginning for me to play long.

ilyajedi responds:

The game is hard, but if i made it easy the game would be not interesting!

No, its not actually stolen

To whoever said it was stolen idea, it wasn't. Its a generic Geo-wars type shooter game done with some polish.

xdragonx10 responds:

Thank you, glad you can see that I didn't "steal" anything.

I like it

So simple, yet very fun, great job.

Askindorn responds:


Mouse controls are better

The mouse controls are better than spacebar. And you should try using the Mochi-ad high scores API in your next game. You can display them in-game which is better than armorbot because you have to go off-site to see the scores.

colintso responds:

You could view the highscores with armorbot...(*only the top ten though)

How do you recharge Pschi?

Is there something that allows you to get "power" back?

MalTheDestroyer responds:

Just rest for a turn--that'll do it.

So, uh, how many level are there

How many levels are there, I'm on 11.

rogerup responds:

21. The Best Times screen shows the best times for all levels!

Good but no full-fledged TD tutorial.

Good, but I still can't find a full-fledged basic TD tutorial in AS2. :(

Depredation responds:

What do you mean by TD? thanks for the review.

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