Anti Monsters Defense Anti Monsters Defense Rated Stars Defend against monsters Strategy - Tower Defense Star Qazar Star Qazar Rated Stars Shoot-em-up game Shooter - Vertical Flight Arctic Warfare Arctic Warfare Rated Stars Conquer the arctic Strategy - Other Aurora Borealis Jigsaw Aurora Borealis Jigsaw Rated Stars Cool puzzle of Aurora Borealis Puzzles - Other Flowers Jigsaw Flowers Jigsaw Rated Stars Cool flowers Jigsaw Puzzles - Other Swedish Sunset Slider Swedish Sunset Slider Rated Stars Cool sliding puzzle Puzzles - Sliding Monster Truck Slider Monster Truck Slider Rated Stars Slide together this monster truck picture Puzzles - Sliding Aston Martin Jigsaw Aston Martin Jigsaw Rated Stars Cool pictures of Aston Martins to put together Puzzles - Other Hot Car Slider Hot Car Slider Rated Stars Sliding puzzle of a hot car Puzzles - Sliding Tiger and Cubs Jigsaw Tiger and Cubs Jigsaw Rated Stars Tiger and Tiger Cubs Puzzles - Other Fantasy Landscape Jigsaw Fantasy Landscape Jigsaw Rated Stars Cool Fantasy landscape jigsaw Puzzles - Other Sunsets Jigsaw Sunsets Jigsaw Rated Stars Jigsaw collection featuring three beautiful sunsets Puzzles - Other Snowflakes Jigsaw Snowflakes Jigsaw Rated Stars Jigsaw of snowflakes Puzzles - Other Winter Landscapes Jigsaw Winter Landscapes Jigsaw Rated Stars Jigsaw of winter landscapes Puzzles - Other Snakes Eating jigsaw Snakes Eating jigsaw Rated Stars Snakes eating stuff Puzzles - Other Gila Monster Jigsaw Gila Monster Jigsaw Rated Stars Fun jigsaw puzzle of a rare Gila Monster Reptile Puzzles - Other Angel Falls Jigsaw Angel Falls Jigsaw Rated Stars A good jigsaw of Angel Falls Scenery Puzzles - Other Spring Dress Up Spring Dress Up Rated Stars Dress up the girl Gadgets - Dress Up Mignonette Wardrobe Mignonette Wardrobe Rated Stars Dress up the girl Gadgets - Dress Up Black Sky: Tower Defense Black Sky: Tower Defense Rated Stars Fast paced tower defense game set in space. Strategy - Tower Defense Click Tower Defense Click Tower Defense Rated Stars Click Tower Defense is a fast paced, hectic twist on the standard tower defense. Fighting - Brawler

2011 Submissions

Zombie Rapture 3d Zombie Rapture 3d Rated Stars Fun 3d zombie shooting game Shooter - First Person IFH: Operation Oceania IFH: Operation Oceania Rated Stars Defend islands from hell Strategy - Tower Defense Lone Space Defender Lone Space Defender Rated Stars Shoot your way through 10 levels of space invasion Shooter - Vertical Flight Hotel Defense Hotel Defense Rated Stars Shoot the Mobsters Shooter - First Person Glass Tower Glass Tower Rated Stars Remove the blue blocks without making the red ones fall off the platform Puzzles - Other Space Invasion TD Space Invasion TD Rated Stars A cool tower defense game with two modes Strategy - Tower Defense Vector Siege TD Vector Siege TD Rated Stars A multi-level TD with many upgradeable skills Strategy - Tower Defense 60 Second Mini-games 60 Second Mini-games Rated Stars Play 5 mind-bending mini-games Skill - Other Armored Creep TD Armored Creep TD Rated Stars Build towers to kill creeps Strategy - Tower Defense Inverse Dodge Inverse Dodge Rated Stars A cool dodging game where controls are backwards Skill - Avoid Air Attack Sea Raid Air Attack Sea Raid Rated Stars Shoot down enemy planes Shooter - Fixed Ninjas vs. Pirates TD 2 Ninjas vs. Pirates TD 2 Rated Stars Defend against Pirates with ninjas Strategy - Tower Defense Spin Light Spin Light Rated Stars Guess what object the lighting is spinning on Puzzles - Other Reveal it Reveal it Rated Stars Identify the image as fast as possible Skill - Other Push Cannon Push Cannon Rated Stars Use your shots to push shapes into the fangs of death Action - Other Super Shooter Super Shooter Rated Stars Shoot everything in sight. Levels and Bosses Shooter - Multidirectional Double Fall Double Fall Rated Stars Fall both down and up but keep from falling off the screen Skill - Other Colored Star Catch Colored Star Catch Rated Stars Catch purple stars with the purple paddle and yellow stars with the yellow paddle Skill - Collect Catch and Avoid Catch and Avoid Rated Stars Avoid the bombs with one mochi while catching them with the other Skill - Other Ninjas vs. Pirates TD Ninjas vs. Pirates TD Rated Stars Build Ninjas and defend against pirates Strategy - Tower Defense Colored Shot Colored Shot Rated Stars Use colored aimers to shoot colored bombs Shooter - Fixed

2007 Submissions

Laser and Bubbles Laser and Bubbles Rated Stars Pinpoint the laser to shoot the most bubbles possible Puzzles - Other XCrisis XCrisis Rated Stars Guide the ball through the levels to reach the square cube at the end Skill - Avoid Shape Wars Shape Wars Rated Stars Match your fire with the enemy shapes to kill them. Collect powerups to be more powerful. Shooter - Multidirectional Asteroid Rampage II Asteroid Rampage II Rated Stars Kill seven human bos spaceships and 7 colonies Action - Other Target Mania Target Mania Rated Stars Shoot through many levels of targets Shooter - First Person Starfall Starfall Rated Stars Simple game, keep the star from falling off the screen. Skill - Collect Air traffic control Air traffic control Rated Stars Control airplane traffic for the UKAA. You rating cannot fall below 75% of. Simulation - Other Spectrum bubbles Spectrum bubbles Rated Stars Collect the bubbles Skill - Collect Asteroid Rampage Asteroid Rampage Rated Stars Control the asteroid with the arrows and kill all the ships. Shooter - Horizontal Flight Ship Navigation II Ship Navigation II Rated Stars Navigate your ship through ten treacherous levels Puzzles - Other Monkey Fruits Monkey Fruits Rated Stars Catch the fruits as they come down. Don't miss too many or the monkey will leave. Skill - Collect Atom bonding Atom bonding Rated Stars A sort of educational game that teaches atom bonding and chemistry Shooter - Multidirectional Blocs Blocs Rated Stars Move blocs of the same color together to free the sprites Puzzles - Sliding Vorlon Wars Vorlon Wars Rated Stars Save the earth from the vorlon by destroying their homeworld Skill - Collect UltraSports: Triatholon UltraSports: Triatholon Rated Stars Run, bike, and swim to win Sports - Other Turret Pong Turret Pong Rated Stars Hit the ball with turret fire to score. Buy upgrades with points. Action - Other Space fighter wars Space fighter wars Rated Stars Pick up powerups and kill all enemies in sight Shooter - Multidirectional Apollo Fighter Apollo Fighter Rated Stars Fun space-shooter. New powerups every level. Shooter - Horizontal Flight Western shootout Western shootout Rated Stars Shoot as many as badguys as possible Shooter - First Person Fish Adventure Fish Adventure Rated Stars You are the hero fish, defeat 3 levels and 4 bosses Shooter - Multidirectional Ship Navigation Ship Navigation Rated Stars Simple ship navigation game, don't hit the sides Puzzles - Other Homeland defense Homeland defense Rated Stars Stop the dropping missiles from hitting your base, missiles get faster. Shooter - Fixed

2005 Submissions